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The New Jersey Restaurant & Hospitality Association (NJRHA) was invited to showcase their culinary prowess at the MQF Annual Food Show. Setting up their own booth amidst the vibrant event, NJRHA members wowed MQF customers with their innovative dishes, expertly crafted desserts, and engaging hospitality. Through interactive demonstrations and tastings, they highlighted the diverse and exquisite flavors of New Jersey's culinary scene, leaving attendees delighted and eager to explore more from the NJRHA community.

NJ-Pro Start Competition

Cheers to a successful 2024 NJ ProStart Invitational!

NJ High School ProStart Teams from all across the state compete in this “Shark Tank” meets “Top Chef” culinary and management competition. Showing off their talent and creative spirits. MQF had the honor to be invited asĀ  a Industry leaderĀ  to volunteer to judge the compeition and offer their expertise to our students in Restaraunt Marketing and Leadership Management.


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