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Sweet Potato Pie

Amazing Pies

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Your meal just got a little bit sweeter!

Sweet potato pie


Our Famous Sweet Potato Pie. Made with fresh North Carolina sweet potatoes & the right amount of spices, give this pie its unique flavor. You’re sure to love this rich Southern classic. *3 inch serving size

Bean Pie


We put the soul in soul food, with our bean pie. It’s a custard-like pie, that’s a little less sweet, yet much tastier than a pumpkin pie. Made with the best quality Navy beans & spices, like cinnamon & nutmeg. *3 inch serving size

Buttermilk Coconut Pie


Buttermilk coconut pie is one of those old fashioned recipes that your grandma used to make on the farm, in the south. The pie is a smooth & creamy texture to the palate, while the coconut shreds on top, burst with flavor. *3 inch serving size

Lemon Pie


The marvelous texture & flavor comes from a rich custard base, along with a subtle tang of lemon, all tucked in a buttery shell. *3 inch serving size

Pecan Pie


A sweet & rich Southern dessert, made with Georgia pecans. Though this flavorful pie is a Thanksgiving staple, it’s simple enough to be enjoyed all year long. *3 inch serving size

Pumpkin Pie


Pumpkin, brown sugar & a hint of honey are just a few of the ingredients that make up this seasonal favorite. But don’t take our word on how good it tastes, try it for yourself.
*3 inch serving size

Carrot Cake


Simple, sweet, & incredibly moist carrot cake. Completed with homemade cream cheese frosting. Simply delectable.

Red Velvet Cake


There’s more to red velvet cake than food coloring. The red color is made by mixing cocoa powder, vinegar & buttermilk.Top that with a cream cheese frosting & you have perfection.

Apple Cobbler


Have a taste for southern home cooking? Try our apple cobbler. Tender apples & spongelike cake are mixed with the perfect, sweet blend of spices.

Peach Cobbler


Just like our apple cobbler, the peach cobbler has a spongelike cake. Add peaches & a flavorful, sweet blend of spices, like nutmeg, cinnamon & allspice for a melt in your mouth summer favorite.

Banana Pudding


It’s safe to say that whenever you think of a dessert with bananas, banana pudding instantly comes to mind. Made with a rich vanilla pudding, just ripened bananas, and of course those simple but ever so nostalgic vanilla wafers.

S'mores Bites

This delicious chocolate and marshmallow-filled handheld pie with a graham flavored crust is a great twist on a camping tradition that can be enjoyed year round. Fry it for a crispy crust or bake it in the oven for a pie like shell.

Apple Pie Turnover

This flaky crust and spiced apple pie filling is everything you love about fall, in one delicious snack size treat!

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