Take Out Supplies


We stock a wide selection of premium Halal certified chicken. Whether it's fresh, frozen or prepared, we are a leading distributor in the northeast

To-go Packaging

From chicken boxes to buckets & all your other take-out supplies, we have everything you need.

It's All About the Sauce

Whether you want ready made sauce or ingredients to make your own we carry a large selection of brand names.


From mozzarella & parmesan; loaf, shred, or sliced we have what you need for pizza, subs, salads & pasta dishes.

Keep it clean with prepackaged utensils & wet naps. Also available dispenser & non dispenser napkins.

Flour, Yeast & Pasta

Large or smaller pack sizes available to suit your needs.

Besides being the fry experts, we also carry mozzarella sticks, onion rings, corn nuggets & many more items

Fresh Produce

We receive shipments daily of fresh produce. Don't see it, we can order it as quality is key to these perishables.

Frozen Vegetables

Always in season & extended shelf life are just two benefits for choosing frozen. We have  straight cut & mixed varieties.

Frozen Fruit

Bulk pack or pre-packed we carry a variety of fruits like mangos, strawberries, & blueberries 

Lettuce & Greens

Greens & lettuces of varying tastes & textures, including  romaine, spinach, romaine, & Arcadian Harvest are daily staples


To-go Packets

Ketchup, Mayo, BBQ Sauce, Dressings; need a condiment to add to your take-out orders, we have them.

Wrap it, seal it or save the container with our selection of bags, foil & other wraps.


We partner with the leading chicken suppliers as your fresh poultry purchase is more than a price, it’s the “Quality” of the product you’re buying.

Bags, Foil, Wrap

Plastic, foam, fiber or foil, we have all different sizes, & styles to fit your needs.

Napkins, Wetnaps & Utensils