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Angela's Amazing Sauces - Wing Sauce & Marinade

Available in 1 gallon or 4/1 gallons

Mild Buffalo: The traditional tangy buffalo flavor you have comed to love with a mild heat.
Item 7831 (4/1gal) or 17831 (1/1gal)

Need Spare Ribs!

Sweet Thai Chili:  A sweet, tangy favor that hits right in the middle of the spicy scale when it comes to adding heat.
Item 7837 (4/1gal) or 17837 (1/1gal)
Honey Bar-B-Que: A sweet bar-b que sauce with a hint of smoke. Made with real honey.
Item 7819 (4/1gal) or 17819 (1/1gal)
Chipotle Bar-B-Que: A smokey flavored BBQ sauce with a kick of chipotle flavor for that down home BBQ flavor.
Item 7835 (4/1gal) or 17835 (1/1gal)
Louisiana Hot Sauce: This sauce is a step up from our mild buffalo. It's  hot, yet a tolerable heat from those looking for a traditional buffalo sauce with a little more punch.
Item 7834 (4/1gal) or 17834 (1/1gal)
Hot & Spicy Bar-B-Que: An addictive sweet & tangy BBQ flavor with a medium heat added. 
Item 7832 (4/1gal) or 17832 (1/1gal)
Hot & Spicy Garlic: This sauce adds a bold flavor to any dish. Cayenne for heat, garlic, butter & additional spices for flavor.
Item 7833 (4/1gal) or 17833 (1/1gal)
Mango Habanero:  This sauce delivers a sweet aroma of mangos along with a tangy flavor and zing of heat.
Item 7838 (4/1gal) or 17838 (1/1gal)
Medium Pork Spare Ribs Frozen 
Hatfield Item 3378 (1/33 lbs) 
Bone-in Pork Spare Ribs Select Frozen 
IBP Item 13376 (4/8.75 lb avg)