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End of Summer Blow out

Bone-in Pork Spare Ribs Select Frozen
IBP Item 13376 (4/8.75 lb avg) 
Medium Pork Spare Ribs Frozen
Hatfield Item 3378 (1/33 lbs)



Need Spare Ribs!

Jumbo Frozen Chicken Drumsticks
Pilgrim's Pride Item 89014 (1/40 lb) 
Chicken WOG 2-2.5lb avg Frozen 
Peace Item 499774 (1/16 head)

We Have Chicken

4oz Beef Burger "whopper" Halal Frozen
Packer Label Item 3477  (40/4 oz) 
80/20 Ground Beef Halal Frozen 
Grindmaster Item 13691 (2/5 lb) 
4 oz flat 3/8" Beef Burger Frozen
Grindmaster Item 13426 (1/10 lb lb) 
80/20 Ground Beef Frozen
Grindmaster Item 19741 (2/5 lb) 
81/19 Ground Fine Angus Beef Frozen 
National Beef Item 19785 (6/10 lb)